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Description has been providing one-by-one private tutoring sessions by offering intense individual assistance to help students looking to ace their class from Grade one to Grade12 and move onto University involving the field of Chemistry.

Our tutoring strategy is quite simple, making sure the student understands the fundamental concepts of chemistry and problem solving. All tutoring sessions are done online and each session is 1 or 2 hours long, assisting students to improve their grades by providing guidance on homework issues, upcoming tests, lab work and exams, also by focusing on their strengths and weaknesses on the various topics.


Grade  Curriculums 
  • Up to 12 Years (Primary) 
  • 12+ (Secondary), 
  • GCSE 
  • A-Level or College 
  • University 


Additional information


1st to 5th Grade
6th to 80th Grade
9th to 10th Grade
11th and 12th Grade


30 Minutes Class
1 Hour Class

Days Plan

2 Days Per Week (8 Classes/Mo)
3 Days Per Week (12 Classes/Mo)
4 Days Per Week (16 Classes/Mo)
5 Days Per Week (20 Classes/Mo)