Computer Science

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Our Computer science instructor Plan, schedule and implement school basedcomputer educational programs. They are responsible for instructing computer science to students at both high school and college levels. They teach students to write computer programs, algorithms and even programming languages; computer systems design is also covered. 

Grade  Curriculums 
  • Up to 12 Years (Primary) 
  • 12+ (Secondary), 
  • GCSE 
  • A-Level or College 
  • University 


Additional information


1st to 5th Grade
6th to 8th Grade
9th to 10th Grade
11th and 12th Grade


1 Hour Class
1.5 Hour Class

Days Plan

2 Days Per Week (8 Classes/Mo)
3 Days Per Week (12 Classes/Mo)
4 Days Per Week (16 Classes/Mo)
5 Days Per Week (20 Classes/Mo)